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5 Sweet Treats to Warm up Your Winter Chill Sessions

Everyday Occasions

Make warming Toffee Puddings, Heavenly Desserts and other treats this winter to indulge in as you binge on your favourite shows and movies.

A weekend spent indoors wrapped in warm clothes and blankets, with your favourite show selection, is not complete without some decadent treats.

Churros with Chocolate mmmMallow Dipping Sauce

An everyday churros recipe with a delicious dipping sauce is just what the winter doctor ordered. Because you can never go wrong with a fried dessert that has the right amount of crispiness on the outside and softness on the inside, plus sweetness and warmth. And to top it all off, you get to dip this heavenly treat into a rich, smooth, velvety chocolate sauce made with mmmMallows.

Heavenly Dessert Pizza

Melted mmmMallows and chocolate on a pizza base? It might sound like an odd pairing, but trust us. Heavenly Dessert Pizza requires only five ingredients, is fun to make and is both warm and gooey. If food could hug, this treat would be it. Whether you’re craving something sweet after dinner or looking for a fun weekend treat, this dessert pizza is sure to hit the spot.

Warming Toffee Puddings

Looking for the ultimate winter comfort food? These warm puddings with a rich chocolate sauce are just what you need to heat up any chilly evening. Each pudding is filled with Wilson’s Toff-O-Luxe, giving you a gooey toffee surprise with every bite. And when served with a decadent chocolate sauce made from Beacon Heavenly Ivory Cream Chocolate, these sweet Warming Toffee Puddings will feel like summer days.

Posh Nosh Burnt-caramel Hot Chocolate

Fancy a cup of hot chocolate, but not your typical, average hot chocolate? We’ve got you! Wilson’s Toff-O-Luxe Originals, Nosh Chocolate and Beacon Choc Treats combined will turn you into an avid Posh Nosh Burnt-caramel Hot Chocolate drinker. A mixture of caramel sauce, hot chocolate and Nosh chunks… It doesn’t get better than that.

Indulgent French Toast

French toast with a s’mores twist – how enticing? Imagine being served hot fench toast, melted mmmMallows and chocolate on a cold day while you catch up on your 20-episode series. The Indulgent French Toast is such a heartwarming, wholesome indulgence that can be enjoyed any time of day.

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