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4 Creative Ways to Decorate an Indoor Picnic

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It’s wintertime, and even though it can be gloomy, winter brings the opportunity to slow down, do things that are comforting, keep warm and snuggle up.

Picnics are a favourite summer outdoor activity that doesn’t have to stop when the chill sets in. Bring your favourite activity indoors to brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Here are 4 creative ways to bring the summer fun of picnics inside.

Fairy-light canopy

For this idea, you can even dust off last year’s Christmas lights and reuse them to create an enchanting, magical indoor picnic setup. This idea really comes alive on dark rainy days. To complete the vibe, add some Posh Nosh Burnt-caramel Hot Chocolate to your basket of picnic goodies. It’s the perfect match for this cosy setup!

Bohemian picnic 

The perfect excuse to gather all your blankets and pillows and create a cosy spot in the living room. The goal here is comfort overload! This setup is versatile because by the end of the night, it could easily transform into a pyjama or sleepover party, with everyone snuggled up on the floor. To add extra comfort, treat yourselves to Warming Toffee Puddings or Chocolate mmmMallows Fondue, easy recipes that are on-brand for this theme.

Blanket fort

Building a blanket fort-inspired picnic with your kids is not only great fun, but also a chance to revive your inner child. The mission here? Be as goofy and creative as you can, within safe limits, of course! With a ready supply of chairs, pillows and blankets, and some rubber clips, the DIY possibilities are endless, because there’s no wrong way to build a fort. Add some Indulgent French Toast to the mix – it ties beautifully into your nostalgic picnic.

Indoor campout

An indoor campout is all about bringing the outdoors inside and embracing the adventure. Your seashell and rock collection can add to the aesthetics, along with scatterings of tree branches, leaves and flowers. Instead of the classic blanket on the floor, opt for camping chairs to make it feel more authentic. And no campout is complete without s’mores. This oven-baked Sheet Pan S’mores dessert delivers all the sweet joys of a braai without a fire. You can never go wrong with a mmmMallows and Beacon Choc Treats combo.

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