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4 Simple Treats You Can Make with Your Little Ones

Everyday Occasions

Turn an ordinary treat into a special moment with your kids with these easy recipes.

Between juggling work and life’s responsibilities and striving to be the best parent on earth, finding small moments to turn into big ones is sometimes all you need. These treats prove that bonding with your children can happen in your kitchen.

1. Marshmallow Monsters and Jelly Tots Molecules

Whether it’s Halloween, a costume party or just an ordinary day that you want to turn into something special with your kids. The Marshmallow Monsters and Jelly Tots Molecules recipe is always a winner.

It’s an exciting combination of your favourite treats, arts and crafts, and a chance to play with your food – something your little ones will absolutely love. So grab your DIY chef’s hat and allow your kids to put fake blood on their mmmMallows – because what kid wouldn’t love that?! You’re guaranteed to win ‘Parent of the Year’.

2. Jelly Bean Treats

These Jelly Bean Treats are special. They are a nostalgic snack that you can enjoy with your kids. And for your kids, it’s a new experience, a special moment spent with you that will one day be a cherished memory. Go ahead and grab some puffed rice cereal, Maynards, Jelly Beans and Vanilla Custard-flavoured mmmMallows and enjoy this twist on a classic with your little ones.

3. Colourful Chocolate Bark

What do you get when you mix Beacon Heavenly chocolates, Jelly Tots, Maynards Jelly Babies and Hens Eggs? An exciting twist on your favourite Beacon treats. Melt your smooth Beacon Heavenly chocolates and top with your favourite Beacon treats and you will have yourself beautiful and Colourful Chocolate Bark. Just melt the chocolate slabs and let your kids go wild with the decorations. Feel free to replace the Hens Eggs with some Allsort Liquorice. Don’t forget to snap a picture of their final creation so you can save it in your “ordinary moments turned extraordinary” folder.

4. Beacon Heavenly Pudding Pops

With Beacon Choc Treats, mmmMallows and Jelly Tots, you and your little ones can create food art together. How sweet is that? The teamwork is just as wholesome as these Beacon Heavenly Pudding Pops. While you melt the chocolate, your child can thread mmmMallows onto wooden skewers, and everyone can join in the fun of dipping the mallows into the melted chocolate. Add a competition element to see who can decorate their pop the best for an extra bit of excitement.

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