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Load shedding-friendly desserts

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From childhood favourites to classics with modern twists, we've got a collection of no-bake treats perfect for load shedding.

Fellow South Africans, can you imagine life without the load shedding schedule at this point? Fear not, because we've got just the thing to sweeten those dark nights. Here are some no-bake desserts to brighten up even the gloomiest load shedding evenings.

1. Sweet and Sticky S’more Braai Pie

They can take electricity away from us but can't take the braai stand away from us. And that's exactly what this exciting giant s’more needs. Load shedding days will become sweet moments with just four ingredients and a fire. Gather around with family and friends, chat the day away as you lick melted mmmMallows and chocolate off your fingers.

2. Three-ingredient No-bake Liquorice Allsorts Fudge

Bright and colourful, this hassle-free fudge is infused with the nostalgic flavour of Original Liquorice Allsorts. With just three ingredients, it's quick and easy to whip up, making it the perfect snack to enjoy when the lights go out..

3. Minty mmmMallow Tart

Give your makazi’s classic peppermint crisp tart a modern twist with this no-bake Minty mmmMallow Tart. This dessert, made with chocolate biscuits, whipped cream and mmmMallows white mallows, is so decadent guests will dub you the new makazi in the family.

4. mmmMallows, Maynards and Fruit Kebabs

Grab packs of pink and white mmmMallows and get your favourite combo of seasonal fruits. We are creating a simple, refreshing, and satisfyingly balanced treat. mmmMallows, Maynards, and Fruit Kebabs are perfect—they're easy to make, and everyone can join in the fun of making and eating them.

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