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4 Must-Have Snacks for Movie Marathons

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There's nothing like settling in for a movie marathon with hours of movie magic, laughter and tasty treats ahead. It’s hard enough to get everyone to agree on which movie to watch, so getting them to agree on their favourite snacks should be the easy part. From indulgent chocolates to gummies that tickle your taste buds, these delightful treats will keep you fuelled and satisfied. So, grab your popcorn and let's dive into the best snacks for a movie marathon.

1. Fluffy mmmMallows

mmmMallows are the perfect snack for a movie night! They’re sweet, soft and easy to eat. If you’re looking to impress your fellow movie lovers, you can try our Ultimate Movie-night Brownies made with Beacon’s famous Pink and White mmmMallows. They’re not only delicious and chocolatey, but they’re also topped with mmmMallow icing and Jelly Tots!

2. Gummy Sweets for the win

Everyone loves a good packet of gummy sweets! Just like movies, there’s one for everybody — sour, sweet or chewy! Beacon’s Maynards selection of sweets offers all that! See our range of Maynards gum sweets here.

3. Tasty Toffees

Beacon’s Toff-O-Lux are sweet, tasty toffees that the whole family will love. And if you’re looking for another scrumptious brownie recipe for your movie marathon, check out this Toffchoc Brownies recipe made with Beacon’s Heavenly Chocolate slabs and Beacon Toff-O-Luxe Original Toffee. Make gooey, chocolatey brownies in minutes!

4. Heavenly Chocolates

No movie marathon is complete without chocolate! See our range of Heavenly Chocolate slabs. From Hazel Heaven, Ivory Cream and Milk Bubbles to Midnight Velvet, we have it all! Get cosy and snuggle on the couch with a delicious Chocolate and Marshmallow Self-saucing Pudding created using Beacon’s Heavenly Chocolate slabs and Pink & White mmmMallows.

Enjoy your movie marathon with these fantastic snacks featuring chocolates, sweets, marshmallows and more that will make your movie night a memorable experience. So, cue up your favourite films, invite your friends or family over and prepare for a movie marathon filled with tasty Beacon treats.

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