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3 Non-alcoholic Drinks To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Everyday Occasions

Drinks tailor-made for your sweet tooth. The best part? They’re alcohol-free, so you can savour them anytime, guilt-free.


To all our sweet-toothed besties, grab your Beacon chocolates, Maynards Original Wine Gums and other Beacon treats from your pantry because we are about to get creative. We’re making non-alcoholic drinks to satisfy your sweet tooth.

1. The Perfect Coffee and Chocolate Pairing

Starting your morning with that first cup of coffee is a non-negotiable ritual. And, let’s face it, one cup is never enough. Switch things up and swap out the usual syrups for some melted Beacon chocolate. What’s even better is that Beacon chocolates have flavours that complement your favourite brew of coffee. Your cup of Americano pairs smoothly with Beacon Heavenly Milk Chocolate and espresso blends well with Beacon Heavenly Midnight Velvet chocolate. For more coffee pairings, read on here.

2. Wine Gum Lemonade

Wine gum lemonade is the ultimate nostalgia trip. It’s a delicious blend of the lemonade your granny used to make and those cherished Maynards Original Wine Gums you’d share with friends at school. Can anything beat the sweet satisfaction of this combination? Sip on this refreshing drink as you reminisce about the good old days of your childhood, when bills were non-existent and freedom was limitless.

3. Posh Nosh Burnt Caramel Hot Chocolate

Looking for the perfect nightcap? Look no further than Posh Nosh Burnt Caramel Hot Chocolate. Featuring layers of caramel, Nosh chunks and home-made hot chocolate created with your favourite Beacon chocolate, this comforting mocktail is the peak of happiness. With every sip of this decadent hot chocolate, you’re not just satisfying your sweet tooth, you’re also creating a sweet self-care moment for yourself.

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