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The ultimate chocolate and coffee pairings

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Chocolate Coffee Pairing

Coffee and chocolate are, without a doubt, a match made in heaven! Pair your favourite Beacon Heavenly chocolate with its perfect coffee match to add optimal flavour to a meditative moment.


Independently, they’re complex, full of flavour and have cult followings. But did you know that coffee enhances the flavours in chocolate? And, especially when paired correctly, coffee can really make the unique characteristics of each chocolate shine.


Start with your favourite type of coffee, pair it with our recommended chocolate and enjoy the new depths of flavours.


Try your own coffee and chocolate pairings and see which flavour combinations work best for you. A key factor to keep in mind is to ensure that the chocolate is always sweeter than the coffee you’re drinking, otherwise the subtle flavours will be overpowered.


And remember: there’s no such thing as too much Beacon Heavenly chocolate!


Espresso and Beacon Heavenly Midnight Velvet

It’s hardly surprising that a dark chocolate pairs well with the dark flavours of an espresso. The nutty notes of a strong espresso will also bring out the robust flavours of this decadent dark chocolate.


Black coffee and Beacon Heavenly Forest Fruit & Nut

The fruity notes of Beacon Heavenly Forest Fruit & Nut will perfectly balance the acidity of a plain, black coffee. 


Flat white / cappuccino and Beacon Heavenly Mint Magic

The creamy mouthfeel of a flat white or cappuccino will pair wonderfully with the cooling, clean taste of minty chocolate.


Americano and Beacon Heavenly Milk Chocolate

Sweet accents found in milk chocolate play nicely with the earthy, spicy notes of an Americano.


Latte and Beacon Heavenly Ebony & Ivory

A milky coffee is the perfect companion to enhance both the spicy and creamy notes of Beacon Heavenly Ebony & Ivory.


Once you’ve found your perfect coffee and chocolate pairing, download this coffee-and-chocolate mandala to colour in during a heavenly meditative moment.

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