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Easy Recipes for a Movie Night at Home


We’ve got quick and easy recipes for your movie night, featuring the irresistible flavours of nougat, chocolate, popcorn and your favourite sweets. So, choose your movie, get the family together and dive into these delectable snack recipes!

  1. Chocolate-covered nougat
    Indulge in the delicious hazelnut, nougat and caramel of a Nosh chocolate, or a chocolate-covered Damascus bar. And if it’s winter time, add to your movie night snacks with our cosy Posh Nosh Caramel Hot Chocolate recipe!

  2. Sweet and Salty Popcorn Cloud Pops
    Have you ever emptied your sweets into your popcorn bowl to satisfy both your sweet and salty cravings? Then our Popcorn Cloud Pops recipe is for you! Get the best of both worlds with our Pink and White mmmMallows, Jelly Tots and homemade popcorn snack.

  3. Easy-snacking candy bowl
    This one’s not a recipe, but an idea for a delightful candy bowl. Make your movie night sweeter by offering different flavoured Fizzers and Sparkle sweets. See Beacon’s range of sweets here for the ultimate movie experience. 

These tasty snacks and easy recipes are a sure-fire way to elevate your movie-watching experience. So, choose your favourite film, get comfy, and savour these delectable treats for an unforgettable movie night! Remember to try all our products to make even more tasty snacks.

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