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3 Family-Fun Activities to do During School Holidays

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Check out these fun-filled activities to keep the kids entertained during winter school holidays.

Winter may be cold and gloomy, but school holidays are a vibe... for the kids at least. With a little planning and some fun activities, you can turn those school holidays into a slightly more peaceful and enjoyable experience for everyone.

1. Movie night marathon

One of the best ways to enjoy family time and make magical memories is by having a movie night marathon. Snuggle up under some warm blankets and grab a comfy cushion or two to set up the perfect scene for your “home theatre”.

To make the at home movie experience even more special, let’s give it up for our unsung heroes, the snacks! Grab freshly made popcorn and dive into these 4 must-have snacks for movie marathons.

2. DIY hot-chocolate bar

A DIY hot-chocolate bar is a sweet addition to the perfect movie home theatre setup. Put in a bunch of different toppings in separate jars and use different sized mason jars then dress them up by tying a piece of natural or coloured twine around each one to add that simple yet cute DIY touch. Here’s a cheat sheet on everything you can mix and match according to your taste or what you have in your grocery cupboard to make a hot-chocolate bar.

3. Bake it 

By now, the kids may need some motivation to tickle their creativity bones as the holidays are in full swing! Spend an afternoon making batches of nougat cookies in fun shapes like stars, hearts, and animals or opt for this easy toffchoc brownies recipe to make the most out of the school break.

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