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Delicious and Easy Picnic Snack Ideas from Beacon


As the sun shines more brightly, there's no better time to pack up a picnic and head out for a fun day. When planning the perfect picnic, snacks play a starring role. Beacon, the trusted name in delectable treats, is here to make your picnic experience even more enjoyable with a range of delicious and easy-to-make snack ideas. From the shimmering sweetness of Sparkle Sweets to creative marshmallow concoctions and even a delightful Milk Tart recipe, Beacon has all you need to elevate your outdoor feast. Let's dive into these mouthwatering picnic snack ideas and ensure your next picnic is truly memorable!

Add Sparkle to Your Snacks with Sparkle Sweets:

Picnics are all about indulgence, and Beacon's Sparkle Sweets are perfect. These sugary treats are delicious and add a touch of magic with their sparkling appearance. Bursting with fruity flavours, Sparkle Sweets is an ideal picnic snack for kids and adults. Their vibrant colours and sweet taste will surely sparkle your picnic spread.

Unleash Your Imagination with Creative Marshmallow Ideas:

Marshmallows are a picnic staple, and Beacon takes them to new heights with creative ideas that will impress everyone. Imagine marshmallow S’more-dipped apples or Chocolate chip mmmMallow cookies. These ideas add a twist to the classic marshmallow experience and provide kids an opportunity to get involved in creating their treats. See these recipes here using Beacon mmmMallows.

Milk Tart Recipe: A South African Delight:

For those seeking a touch of tradition and nostalgia, Beacon presents a Milk Tart recipe that will transport you to the heart of South African flavours. Milk Tart, a beloved classic, combines a creamy custard filling with a crumbly crust, creating a dessert perfect for picnics. See our twist on the traditional Milk Tart recipe with these Milk tart marshmallow mousse cups and these delicious 5-ingredient milk tart squares, made for any occasion, including a picnic! 

Easy-to-Make Picnic Pleasures:

Picnics are all about enjoying the outdoors and the company of loved ones, so convenience is key. Beacon's snack ideas are delectable and easy to prepare and pack. Whether you're putting together a last-minute picnic or planning, these snack ideas require minimal effort while delivering maximum flavour. Find Your Perfect Picnic Snacks here.
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