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Thank You Gifts

This year more than ever, teachers deserve an extra-large token of your appreciation. From cancelled school to virtual classes, and now having to teach with masks on, educators have had to discover new and exciting ways to keep your children inspired to learn.

Give them the thank you they deserve with one of these easy teacher gift ideas:

  1. Mason jar filled with treats
    Who doesn’t love a lovely jar filled to the brim with tasty morsels? Find an attractive jar with a screw-on lid at your local supermarket and get baking! Nothing says thank you quite like homemade baked goods – and the kids can get involved, too! Not sure what to make? Try these easy 5-ingredient Jelly Tots cookies or these colourful mmmMallows popcorn balls for a bright, cheerful thank you gift.
    Pressed for time? A jar filled with colourful sweets such as Maynards jelly beans, wine gums, Fav’rites and Heavenly Selection chocolate and toffees will also make a special teacher thank you gift.
    Download this “Thank you, teacher!” tag, tie it to the jar with a pretty ribbon and add your message of appreciation.
  2. Personalised chocolate
    What about an oh-so heavenly gift for the teacher that inspires your child every day? Buy a selection of their favourite Beacon Heavenly chocolates, download this festive chocolate wrapper and get covering!
    It’s a simple thank you gift with that little personal touch that goes a long way!
  3. Pot plant
    Say “thank you for helping them grow” with a personalised plant. Buy a terracotta pot that fits the plastic pot of the plant you’ve bought. Paint the outside of the pot with chalkboard paint and, once dry, get decorating with chalk! Add a special quote, get your child to draw a picture or simply write out the name of the plant. Whenever your teacher looks at the plant, he or she will be reminded of your child.
    Download the “Thank you, teacher!” tag to include with your plant, too.
  4. Coffee on the go
    If ever there were hard workers who could do with an extra caffeine kick to keep them going, it’s teachers! A reusable coffee cup is a fabulous and practical thank you gift they’ll use every day. They’re readily available at most supermarkets, kitchen speciality stores and many coffee shops have started selling their own branded versions. Don’t forget to include a Beacon Heavenly chocolate (with this downloadable chocolate wrapper) in the gift too, so your child’s favourite teacher can savour some sweetness with their coffee in a precious quiet moment.


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