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Have a field day at home this Earth Day

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22 April is Earth Day, and it’s an excellent opportunity to switch off the lights (and devices!) and spend some quality time with the family. These fun-filled ideas might even become a regular tradition.

Set the mood

Switch off the lights and light a few candles. Appreciate the simplicity and quiet of time spent without electricity – intentionally!

Create a cosy space

Move the furniture and lay down blankets and cushions to make a comfy, cosy space for an evening of Earth Day fun.

Games galore

Put away the devices (yes, you can do it!) and haul out the board games. No board games? No problem! Download these fun charades prompts for the whole family. Print out the prompts, cut out the blocks and put them in a bowl. Each family member takes a turn picking out a prompt – no peeking! – and acting out the clue silently. Whoever guesses correctly what they’re acting out picks the next prompt.

What to watch

Take the opportunity to enjoy a programme together that celebrates our beautiful planet. Not sure where to begin? Try Wall-E, Our Planet, March of the Penguins, A Plastic Ocean or The Day the Earth Stood Still.

A family feast

Lay out a spread of everyone’s favourite food and share a meal together. Finish off with a selection of your favourite Beacon treats, of course! This easy chocolate bark is a fun, colourful way to share dessert this Earth Day.

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