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Fun and games for Christmas in July!

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Treats, games and all the laughs: it’s time to take a load off. It’s Christmas in July!


These fabulous indoor activities will bring plenty of laughs to your Christmas in July celebration or simply cheer up the chilliest of days. They’re a great way to keep your kids entertained during cooler days and school holidays. Let’s go!

The tape game: Use masking tape to create shapes, numbers or letters on your floor, and start the game by letting your kids stand on their favourite one. Then, give them instructions such as, “Leopard-crawl to the triangle” or “Bunny-hop to the number 3”. It keeps them busy while teaching them about letters, numbers and shapes. Why not reward them afterwards with their favourite Beacon treats?

Bowl them over: Create your own bowling alley using plastic cups or empty plastic bottles as the skittles. Use masking tape to mark out the lanes, then grab a ball and put your skills to the test.

Challenge their memories: Download, print and cut out our awesome Beacon memory game for a fun activity your kids will want to play over and over again. It’s the perfect way to keep little minds stimulated during bad weather.

Egg-and-spoon races: Grab a spoon and any round object that will fit on it (you don’t want to be cleaning up an eggy, gooey mess off the floor!). Create an obstacle course for your kids to navigate without dropping the ‘egg’. Once they’ve mastered it, you can up the ante by making it a speed race.

Freeze… with a difference: We all love the classic game of freeze, where you play music and dance around until the music stops, and then you freeze in place. Add to the fun by getting your kids to freeze in silly poses or yoga positions when the music stops.

Lego colour hunt: Kids love this one. Get 4 sheets of paper in different colours, and then collect 10 Lego pieces in each of those colours. Select a room or area of your house, and hide the Lego pieces in that area. Place the sheets of paper near the doorway, then start the clock! Your kids have to race to find all 10 Lego pieces of each colour. Each time they find a piece, they must place it on the corresponding sheet of coloured paper. They’ll know when they’ve completed the hunt as they’ll be able to count how many pieces they have. Do this activity over and over again and challenge them to improve their time.

Make snowmen: These melted snowman cookies are the perfect treat for Christmas in July. All you need is a handful of simple ingredients and a big imagination. It’s snow much fun!

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