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Father’s Day gift ideas

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Move over, socks! This Father’s Day, create these gifts for dad to show him just how loved he is.

DIY s’mores kit

If dad has a sweet tooth, a DIY s’mores kit is the perfect gift. Make up a package consisting of mmmMallows, his fave flavour of Heavenly chocolate and his best biscuits. He can sandwich them together and pop them over the coals (because you know how he loves a little coal play) …for the perfect gooey ending to any braai.

Master of the Braai spice rub

Take dad’s braai-master status to the next level with a homemade spice rub. In a bowl, mix together 2 Tbsp paprika, 1 Tbsp sea salt, 1 Tbsp milled black pepper, 2 tsp garlic powder, 2 tsp onion powder, ½ tsp cayenne pepper and 3 Tbsp brown sugar. Place in an airtight jar or container and get the kids to decorate a label. Use to season meat or chicken.

We Love Dad photo frame

Share your favourite Dad memories with the man himself. Download this We Love Dad photo frame and cut out the words. Download and print a few of your favourite photos from your phone and glue them to the back of the paper. Pair it with a Heavenly Message slab for the best-ever Father’s Day gift.

You Rock! paperweight

Find a small rock in your garden or nearby park and get painting! He can use his Father’s Day gift at home or in the office to use as a paper weight.

Tin of treats

Keep a tin can aside the next time you use one for a meal. Clean it well and remove the label. Get the kids to decorate the outside with paint and stickers and fill it with dad’s favourite Beacon sweets.

Car cupcakes

They’re cute, they’re easy and they’re delicious. These car cupcakes taste even better than they look. Use Toffchoc Originals, Heavenly Milk Chocolate blocks or Dad’s favourite Heavenly Selection as the body of the car, and Jelly Tots as the wheels. Simple as that. Happy baking!

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