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3 Picnic Snacks for Kids

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Family picnics, summer, nature and all-round outdoor awesomeness – can you think of a sweeter way to gather unforgettable experiences with your kids? And what really makes a picnic go from “Meh…” to “Heck, yeah!” is the line-up of snacks featured in that picnic basket. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. Sweet DealPicnics offer the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some sweets and let the kiddos explore new flavours while also enjoying the old favourites. Whether it’s the fruity chews or the tangy jellies, Beacon’s collection of confections has something for everyone, turning it into a surefire hit with kids of every age. Check out our line-up of chewy Maynards sweets, Jelly Tots and array of other treats

  1. Choc Up the Experience
    Can you imagine a picnic without a hint of chocolatey joy? Neither can we. And because of that, we have a delectable assortment of chocolate bars to make sure your picnic is filled with chocolate fun.

  1. Marshmallows: A Must-have Picnic Staple
    Picnics and marshmallows go hand in hand, and Beacon has taken this classic combination to the next level: soft, fluffy and oh-so-delicious. Whether you roast them over a campfire or enjoy them straight from the bag, these are guaranteed to bring smiles to your kids’ faces. And if you’re looking to add a twist to the traditional marshmallow experience, try this mmmMallows Popcorn Balls recipe.

And that’s how you elevate your picnic game with Beacon’s delectable sweets, chocolate treats and marshmallow creations, guaranteeing you and your kids a flavour-filled day. See more picnic snacks and recipes here.

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