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The best family movie night, ever!

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Get comfy, because we’re about to create the perfect movie night in.


There’s nothing better in cold weather than a cosy movie night on the couch. It’s also a great way for families to bond and spend special time together. Here’s how to set up your very own magical movie theatre at home.

1. Perfect the set-up. Is there comfy seating for everyone? Create variety by scattering around some big, comfy cushions for those who prefer the floor, and add an armchair or two for those who like to sit upright. Make sure there are blankets or warm throws for each person, and get the lighting just right to recreate the ideal cinema-like experience.

2. Engineer the sound. You want the sound quality to be as good as it gets before you start the movie – no one wants to fiddle with settings while the film is already rolling! Do a test run to make sure volume, surround sound and any other audio settings are exactly as you like them.

3. Pick the movie. Ever spent an hour scrolling through Netflix only to give up and watch old episodes of a TV show? Us too! But that won’t do on movie night. Decide on the film beforehand, and have it queued up and ready to go as you turn down the lights. Give family members turns to pick movies on different nights, or draw movie names out of a hat to keep it fair. 

4. No snaccidents! Whatever you do, don’t leave the snacks to chance – they’re one of the most important elements of the evening! For a real movie-theatre feeling, put together a snack pack for each person loaded with cinema staples like freshly made popcorn, their favourite bag of Beacon sweets and a refreshing drink. Don’t forget an eco-friendly straw!

5. The sweetest thing. What’s a big night in without a steaming cup of hot chocolate? Set up the coolest hot chocolate bar your family’s ever seen, right in your own home (or should that be ‘movie theatre’?) in a few easy steps. After all, the first rule of movie night is: the more chocolate, the better. And the second rule is… yup, more chocolate!

6. Get comfy! You definitely can’t relax in a straitjacket, so pull on those jammies, kick off your shoes and curl up in your favourite cosy position. Slankets welcome!

7. Screen-free zone. On movie night, the only screen everyone needs to have eyes on is the movie screen, so go ahead and declare your movie theatre a screen-free zone. Stow phones, laptops and tablets out of sight and immerse yourself in the full movie experience – the real McCoy! 

8. Let the credit(s) roll! Well done – you’ve pulled off the most epic movie night yet! Same time, same place, next weekend? For more great chilly-weather entertainment ideas, download and print out our ‘a-MAZE-ing’ Beacon sweets maze challenge. It’s also a great way to pass the time before the movie starts. (No trailers? No problem!).

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