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Take on 2021 with these easy self-confidence tips

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Put 2020 behind you and start 2021 with a bang by following these self-confidence tips anyone can implement.


Move more

You know it, we know it: exercise is great for the body and mind! Regular exercise, regardless of how strenuous, leads to less stress, and feel-good endorphins mean more self-confidence! Put your activewear to good use and move that body.


Pump up the jams

The easiest self-confidence tip of them all! Research published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal showed that listening to music may make you feel more powerful. As if you needed an excuse to turn up your favourite tune!


Be present

Stop that mindless scrolling, switch off your phone and come to the present. Taking the time to recharge and connect with yourself – without the external stimulation that comes from your devices – goes a long way in calming your mind, settling anxiety and boosting self-confidence.


Prioritise self-care

Taking care of your physical self is just as important as looking after your mental health! This self-confidence tip means making sure you’re putting time aside to give yourself the TLC you deserve. Whether it’s a treatment at a salon or as simple as popping a Smoothies Mentholyptus before putting on your mask, feeling good equals confidence galore!


Spread the love

Nothing boosts confidence more than knowing someone has got your back. Download these confidence-boosting love notes to pop in your children’s lunchboxes. It’s a small gesture that will not only make them smile, but also give them the confidence to tackle whatever their day has in store for them.

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