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Minions crafty treat rolls

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Make these fun, sweet-filled Minions treat rolls from items around the house – and your favourite Beacon treats, of course. They’re the perfect surprise for any little Minions fan and a great kids’ party idea.


What you need

  • 6 empty toilet rolls
  • A pencil
  • Blue, yellow, black and white fabric paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • A selection of your favourite Beacon sweets (we used Jelly Tots, Jelly Babies and Liquorice Allsorts)
  • Clear cellophane, for wrapping Yellow and blue ribbon, for wrapping


  1. Draw the shape and detailing of a Minion onto one side of each toilet roll using the pencil. Start painting!
  2. Use the blue paint for the clothing, yellow for the rest of the body, black for the details like the glasses and mouth, and white for the eyeballs.
  3. Allow to dry completely between the application of each colour. The white and yellow paint might need 2-3 coats.
  4. Wrap cellophane around each toilet roll once dry, leaving the top open.
  5. Fill each toilet roll with Beacon sweets.
  6. Seal and enclose each roll using the cellophane and ribbon.
  7. Let the little ones enjoy!
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