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How to make your own DIY Christmas decorations

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DIY Christmas Decorations

Whether you’re feeling the pinch this year or simply want to add a personal touch to your festivities, these 3 DIY Christmas decorations will save you money and add sweet cheer to your Christmas.

  1. DIY Christmas crackers
    These DIY Christmas crackers will be a huge hit at your Christmas table! They’re cost-effective and festive and you can load them with goodies you know your guests will love.
    You’ll need:
    • empty toilet rolls or paper towel tubes
    • scissors
    • cracker wrapper (see below)
    • sticky tape
    • festive ribbon (20cm per cracker)
    your favourite fillings (such as Heavenly Selection chocolate and toffees, Sparkles and Maynards Chews)
    Start with the toilet rolls or paper towel tubes: cut them in half so they’ll separate easily when pulled from both ends. Put the two ends together on the DIY Christmas cracker wrapper (download it here), and wrap the paper tightly around the tube. Seal with a strip of sticky tape on the underside. Tie one end of the cracker closed with a 10cm length of ribbon, then stuff the cracker with your favourite treats from the other end. The more, the merrier! Tie the open end closed with another 10cm piece of ribbon, then decorate your Christmas table with the crackers. Enjoy the look of surprise on your guests’ faces when the treats erupt onto the table!

  2. DIY Christmas wreath
    This shareable Christmas wreath makes for an interactive sweet treat at the end of a meal. Your guests will love the novelty of it.
    You’ll need:
    • a wire coat hanger
    • pliers and/or wire cutters
    • festive ribbon or string
    • an assortment of Heavenly Selection chocolate and toffees
    • scissors
    Bend the coat hanger into a rough circle shape: it doesn’t need to be perfect! Cut the hook off the hanger using wire cutters or pliers. Use the pliers to make a small loop on the end of each cut wire, and hook the loops together to complete the circle. Next, tie individual chocolates and toffees to the ring with ribbon or string. There’s no such thing as too much: tie until there’s no more space! Finally, place the wreath in the centre of your Christmas table, or hang it on a wall nearby. Don’t forget to tie a pair of scissors to the wreath so your guests can tuck in when dinner is done.

  3. DIY advent calendar
    Count down to Christmas with this easy homemade advent calendar stuffed with your family’s favourite treats. It’s the DIY Christmas idea that keeps on giving!
    You’ll need:
    • Christmas wrapping paper
    • scissors
    • glue or sticky tape
    • 25 brown sandwich bags
    • a permanent marker
    • a selection of your favourite sweets and a few small toys or games
    • 5 pieces of festive ribbon or string (about 60cm each), plus extra for hanging up
    • a dowel stick
    • 25 wooden clothes pegs
    Cut 25 festive shapes such as stars, Christmas trees and stockings out of the wrapping paper, and stick a shape onto each sandwich bag. Number the bags 1 to 25 using a permanent marker, and add a selection of your favourite Beacon treats and any other small gifts to each. Tie 5 pieces of ribbon onto the stick, equal distance apart, and clip 5 bags onto each string withthe clothes pegs. Using the extra ribbon or string, hang the homemade advent calendar near your Christmas tree. Enjoy the sweet festive countdown with this DIY Christmas decoration!


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