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Crispy Cinnabon Rolls

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Looking for a twist on a classic cinnabon roll? Try this recipe for a little snap, crackle and pop!


Makes 8-10


  1. Melt chocolate in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water (or at 30-second intervals in the microwave) until smooth. Set aside.

  2. Line a 15cm x 22cm baking tray with baking paper.

  3. Melt marshmallows and butter in a pot for 1–2 minutes (or in a large bowl in the microwave for 2–3 minutes, stirring at one-minute intervals).

  4. Add vanilla or puffed-rice cereal, cinnamon and raisins or sultanas, and stir vigorously to combine before marshmallows cool.

  5. Spoon mixture into prepared tray. Flatten to even the top using a hot or slightly wet spoon to avoid sticking.

  6. Spread the melted chocolate on top and immediately roll up the puffed rice mixture into a log. (To do this, lift up the baking paper on one of the short sides of your rectangle to lift puffed rice sheet out of tray. Roll the sheet toward the other short end, so that the chocolate stays on the inside of the roll.) This should be done before the mixture gets cold, so work quickly.

  7. Chill in the fridge for 20–30 minutes, or until very firm.

  8. Whisk icing sugar and water to a smooth, slightly runny icing.

  9. Slice log into 2–3 circles using a bread knife.

  10. Lay the circles flat on a plate and drizzle with icing.

What you need

Heavenly Ivory Cream 80g
Ivory Cream 80g
mmmMallows Guess the flavour 150g
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