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5 Beacon Treats That Will Remind You of Your Childhood

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Who else is exhausted from adulting? It would be nice to be a kid again and indulge in sweets and treats.

Show of hands if you couldn’t wait to grow up when you were a kid, dreaming of having a job and money to buy yourself a never-ending supply of Beacon treats. We’re here to whisk you away to that bygone era of carefree days when life was much simpler.

1. Original Liquorice All Sorts

No party was ever complete without a plate of Liquorice All Sorts. And how do you eat them? Do you eat the whole piece in one go, or do you eat them layer by layer to prolong the ending? Whether you’re a one-biter or a layer-by-layer enthusiast, the joy of these treats remains unmatched.

2. Maynards Original Wine Gums

There’s something about these multicoloured, chewy wine gums that sparks joy: the irresistible urge to eat the entire pack, engaging in playful battles with siblings and friends over the popular purple, green and red wine gums. Maynards truly inspires you to live a more colourful life.

3. TV Bar

TV Bar evokes nostalgia for cosy TV-movie nights back when adverts were still a thing. Cue the mad dash to the kitchen during an ad break to grab your need-to-have TV Bar before the next scene. You curled up on the couch, munching on that crunchy puffed rice covered in smooth chocolate, the yumminess making up for the bad special effects in the movie.

4. mmmMallows

These soft, Pink & White Mallows release melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness with each bite. A favourite treat among moms, who often kept a supply stashed away. When you found yourself in need of cheering up after a fall, your mother’s surprise gift of a single mallow made everything better.

5. Beacon Jelly Tots Original

‘Love you lots like jelly tots’ – the catchphrase coined specially for Valentine’s Day – made these tiny, explosive sweets even more beloved. And because they are bite-sized, it always felt like there was an abundance to share, making the joy of sharing with friends even sweeter. Hmmm… Missing those simple days with Jelly Tots already?

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