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5 Beacon Chocolates Worth Indulging In

Everyday Occasions

Few things are as indulgent as quality chocolate when satisfying that sweet tooth. Beacon, a trusted name in the chocolate and sweet treats world, has crafted mouthwatering chocolates that offer flavour and create memorable moments. Whether you're preparing for a picnic snack or looking for braai ideas to surprise your guests, here are 5 Beacon chocolates that are an absolute must-try:

1. Nosh Chocolate:

A true chocolate lover knows the charm of nosh chocolate. Rich, velvety, and incredibly moreish, Beacon’s Nosh Chocolate promises a sensational experience with every bite. Nosh embodies Beacon's craftsmanship in chocolates, perfect for those moments when you crave pure chocolate delight.

2. Damascus Nougat:

Delicate, chewy, and dripping with sweet allure, the Damascus nougat is a sensory treat. Infused with an array of nuts and seamlessly combined with Beacon's signature chocolate, this offering is an experience. Whether you're enjoying it solo or sharing it with friends at a picnic, it's bound to be the star of the snack table.

3. Beacon Heavenly Slabs:

 A classic that always stays in style! Beacon's Heavenly slab chocolates are smooth and creamy, offering the right sweetness balance. It's the perfect picnic snack, great for sharing or indulging alone during a quiet moment under the sun. See our range of Beacon Heavenly Chocolates here!

4. TV Bar:

A beloved classic, the Beacon TV Bar promises an adventure in every bite. The tropical coconut centre, layered with crispy rice puffs and enveloped in creamy chocolate, offers an unforgettable taste journey. It's the perfect accompaniment for movie nights or, dare we say, a novel addition to your braai ideas – serving chocolate post-braai is an absolute win!

5. Nikki Chocolate Bar:

A treat that resonates with many South Africans, the Nikkie Chocolate Bar is a Beacon masterpiece. With its perfect balance of flavours and that familiar, comforting taste, it's no surprise that many reach for a Nikkie bar during their chocolate cravings.

When it comes to chocolates, Beacon continues to set the bar high. Our blend of flavours, textures, and sheer variety ensures something for everyone. Whether organising a family picnic, brainstorming braai ideas, or simply wanting to treat yourself to a delectable bite, Beacon's range has got you covered.

So, the next time you're in the mood for some chocolate indulgence, remember the magic Beacon brings to the table. Grab your favourite, be it the iconic nosh chocolate or the delectable Damascus nougat, and let your senses take a delightful journey!

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