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How to make banana boats on the braai

Braai Snacks

Easy-breezy and oh-so moreish, these banana boats will bring the smiles at your next braai.


South Africans never need an excuse to braai, but the warmer spring weather certainly helps. Next time you’re gathered around the fire for a lekker braai, be sure to finish it off with these banana boats, guaranteed to bring chocolatey smiles to all! 

The toppings below are just a suggestion. Feel free to get creative with your favourite Beacon sweets and chocolate, and see what delicious combinations you can come up with.

How to make braaiied banana boats

1. Go bananas. Grab one banana per person (or more if you like), then cut a slit lengthways along the concave side of the banana, through the skin and halfway into the fruit, to create a pocket.

2. Time to stuff! Fill the pocket you’ve just created with blocks of your favourite Heavenly chocolate and mmmMallows flavours. You can chop up the marshmallows so they fit in easily. 

3. Cook ’em. Place your banana boats toppings-side up on the braai, making sure the coals aren’t too hot. If the braai has cooled down significantly, you can cook these babies directly on the embers. If your braai is still quite warm, place them on the grill above the embers.  

4. Quick six. Braai your boats for around 6 minutes, until the marshmallows have browned and the chocolate has melted. This is just a guideline – keep your eye on your bananas because they can burn quickly if the braai is hot.

5. Eat and enjoy! Serve the banana boats in their skins, being careful not to burn yourself on the hot toppings. Mmm, delicious!

Add extra local flair to your braai with our downloadable South African flag that you can colour in at home. Why not print out a few, colour them in and string them together to create the coolest bunting for your braai area?

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