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Hot-air balloon cake


Take your favourite chocolate sponge cake to new heights by decorating it like a beautiful hot-air balloon. Choose a balloon and straws that match your party décor, and add your favourite sweets to the basket.

Hot Air Baloon Cake


Cake ingredients

  • 1 box (500g) chocolate cake mix
  • 1 tub (300-400g) chocolate frosting
  • 2 slabs (80g each) Heavenly Milk Chocolate
  • 1 packet (100g) Jelly Tots or sweets of your choice

To assemble

  • Striped string
  • 4 bamboo skewers
  • 4 paper straws
  • 1 balloon


  1. Bake chocolate cake according to packet instructions and set aside to cool.
  2. Trim off 4 sides of cake to form a square.
  3. Place on a serving plate and ice top and sides with chocolate frosting.
  4. Break chocolate slabs carefully into individual blocks, then arrange on the top and sides of cake to create a basket base.
  5. Scatter Jelly Tots on top of chocolate basket base.
  6. Cut a long piece of string and tie it at the blunt end of a skewer. Repeat with remaining skewers.
  7. Insert each skewer into a straw, making sure the string sticks out.
  8. Place a straw in each corner of the cake, string-side up.
  9. Secure the balloon in the centre of the cake using the 4 pieces of string.
  10. Serve.
Cook's Note: This works best with a helium balloon.

What you need

Heavenly Milk Chocolate 80g
Milk Chocolate 80g
Original Jelly Tots 100g
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