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3 great ideas for DIY napkin rings


A place setting without a napkin is a little underdressed. Add a personal touch to your birthday table setting with these easy DIY napkin rings.

Printable Napkin Rings

Idea 1: Sweet treat

You can add a sweet touch to a monochrome birthday theme by downloading free printable napkin rings inspired by Beacon sweets. Print in colour on thick paper, and cut out as indicated. Roll the strip until the ends meet, and stick together with a piece of tape.


  • one or more sheets of thick paper or white cardboard
  • free downloadable Liquorice Allsorts pattern
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
  • good quality paper napkins

Idea 2: A ribbon runs through it

These easy-to-make napkin rings can easily be adjusted to fit any napkin size, so they’re a great option if you want to use a thick fabric napkin or an interesting folding technique. To make the napkin ring, cut a rectangle (4cm x 9cm is a good size) out of natural textured thick paper or cardboard. Carefully punch a single hole on either end of the rectangle, about 1cm from the edge. Personalise the front of the card with your guest’s name. Cut about 20cm of ribbon; a wide, flat satin ribbon is great if you want a fancier finish. Lay a length of ribbon on a flat surface, and place the folded napkin on top. Place the rectangular card on top of the napkin and thread the ends of the ribbon through the holes on either side. Gently pull the ribbon until it creates a bit of tension around the napkin, then snip off to neaten. If you like, tuck a fresh piece of greenery from your garden behind the napkin ring as a finishing touch.


  • cloth napkin
  • natural textured thick paper or cardboard
  • hole punch
  • ruler
  • wide, flat satin ribbon
  • a sprig of something green from your garden

Idea 3: Give thanks

Want to let friends and family know how much you appreciate them joining your birthday party? Put it simply with this cute napkin ring idea. Cut wide, even strips (about 5cm) across the width of an A4 sheet of coloured cardboard or craft paper. Using a ruler, mark the centre of the strip with an HB pencil. Use a thick black marker to write a simple ‘Thank You’ on the card (don’t forget to rub out the pencil mark when you’re done). If you’ve got an artistic flair, why not add a little doodle or detail around the text? Wrap each strip around a rolled-up fabric napkin and secure the ends with a piece of sticky tape. Place the napkin on top of each plate and your guests will immediately get the message.


  • one or more sheets of A4 cardboard in a colour of your choice
  • ruler
  • HB pencil
  • eraser
  • scissors
  • thick black marker
  • sticky tape
  • cloth napkin
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